AI-powered project risk management software for civil engineering and technical services firms.

Roebling is a web-based software product that helps civil engineering and technical services firms prevent profit margin erosion, avoid claims, and steer clear of problem projects by providing a better front-end project risk management experience.

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Percentage of AEC industry execs who think their organizations perform front-end risk reviews of their projects efficiently and comprehensively.


Percentage of AEC industry execs who believe their firms fail to identify project risks that led to profit margin erosion during execution.


Percentage of revenue that the $12.5B civil engineering market spends annually on risk management.


Percentage of data generated by the civil engineering industry that is not preserved and retained as institutional knowledge.


Streamline your go/no-go process through our automated, web-based, AI-powered work flow

  • Model your project's finances

    Input your fees, costs, and pricing data for real-time feedback on your margins, contingencies, and other financial KPIs to make better decisions about pursuit risks and rewards.

  • Assess scope and contract risks

    Answer a series of questions about scope and contract risks to quickly assess the merits of your pursuits and highlight key areas for mitigation.

  • Document an AI-powered risk mitigation strategy

    Roebling’s proprietary AI will suggest strategies for mitigating risks, developing a contingency, and notifies key project stakeholders as soon as your conditions of approval are implemented, documenting them for reference during execution.

Seamlessly compare the financial, legal, and scope risks for your projects against AI-generated, baseline conditions.

Flag potential problem projects before you sign a contract or start the work. Identify key risks and notify key stakeholders about potential problems before they materialize through our web-based platform. Categorize your projects by risk profile through our proprietary scoring technology to generate an enterprise-level understanding of your risk portfolio.


Our company’s risk review process is broken. Our project managers are lost when asked to initiate a go- or no-go analysis. They just want to work on their jobs.

Assistant General Counsel

Major AEC Firm


Our industry features tight margins and the potential for catastrophic risk to person and property, which can destroy quarterly earnings or even sink a firm. Performing front-end risk management is therefore critical to ensuring our firm’s success.

SVP, Deputy General Counsel

Publicly Traded AEC Firm


Every decision our company makes has a material impact on our future. And far too much of our institutional knowledge is not being preserved as we compete for talent in an extremely competitive job market.

Senior Risk Manager

Large Civil Engineering Firm

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